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Alfaparf Milano Australia

Looking for professional hair colour solutions?

Your hair deserves all the care and attention. Regardless of your hair type, you can have good hair every day you step out of your home.

Planning on experimenting with a new hair shade and amplify your looks? Choose Alfaparf colour, a good quality hair product and discover a whole range of exciting new shades that you are going to love.

Colouring your hair does not mean you have to deal with damaged hair. With the advanced formulations, nowadays you can choose a hair product based on your hair type and its essential ingredients. All you have to do is pick a specific supply that works best for you.

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With Alfaparf Milano in Australia, you can upgrade your looks and make your hair appear smooth and fresh. Alfaparf Milano is an Italian manufacturer dealing in exclusive hair care and styling products.

At Global Hair & Beauty Supplies, we bring supreme quality hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner, styling tools, gels, hair masks and much more. Our experts have personally handpicked all the hair and beauty products for your everyday use. We assure you that all the products you find here are 100% safe and tested.

We know the professional hair care industry in and out. Our dedicated team is committed to sharing our combined knowledge and skills with our valuable customers so that we can assist them in choosing the right tailored products.

We stock professionally branded products that can be integrated into your daily hair maintenance routine. Our customers rely on our services when it comes to purchasing from professional hair and beauty brands.

Want to know more about our products? Feel free to write to us at We will get back to you shortly.

Why choose Alfaparf Milano Australia?

From hair colours to hair repair products, you can find each and every type of product you need to maintain and nourish your hair. The reparative shampoo and masks are designed to repair damaged hair strands and reconstruct them.

The silicone-free base of Alfaparf colour provides a uniform grey hair coverage. It is extremely gentle and gives more shine as compared to any other hair colour. You can discover over 40 amazing and bold shades.


  • Blend of fermented oils and amino acids with anti-oxidant and anti-frizz properties
  • 100% vegan formula with no animal origin ingredients
  • Free of ammonia and alcohol
  • Complete gel-cream base

Our customer support team is always prepared to serve you online. Whether you need product recommendations or need help with placing your order, we are there to help you.

In case you have any questions, kindly contact us on 03 9763 8725.

Let us make your online shopping experience incredible. Let us help you find the latest products and supplies in the hair care line that will make you look and feel confident and stylish.

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Alfaparf Evolution

1 Cool Naturals, 2 Cool Naturals, 3 Cool Naturals, 4 Cool Naturals, 5 Cool Naturals, 6 Cool Naturals, 7 Cool Naturals, 8 Cool Naturals, 9 Cool Naturals, 10 Cool Naturals, 4NB Warm Naturals, 5NB Warm Naturals, 6NB Warm Naturals, 7NB Warm Naturals, 8NB Warm Naturals, 9NB Warm Naturals, 10NB Warm Naturals, 4NI Intense Naturals, 5NI Intense Naturals, 6NI Intense Naturals, 7NI Intense Naturals, 8NI Intense Naturals, 9NI Intense Naturals, 6.01 Natural Ash, 7.01 Natural Ash, 8.01 Natural Ash, 5.1 Ash, 6.1 Ash, 7.1 Ash, 8.1 Ash, 9.1 Ash, 10.1 Ash, 1.11 Ash, 9.2 Violet, 7.21 Violet, 8.21 Violet, 9.21 Violet, 10.21 Violet, 5.22 Violet, 6.23 Iced Coffee, 8.23 Iced Coffee, 5.7 Matte, 6.7 Matte, 4.32 Chestnut, 5.32 Chestnut, 6.32 Chestnut, 7.32 Chestnut, 8.32 Chestnut, 5.35 Golden Mahogany, 6.35 Golden Mahogany, 7.35 Golden Mahogany, 5.53 Chocolate, 6.53 Chocolate, 7.53 Chocolate, 5.5 Mahogany, 6.5 Mahogany, 4.52 Mahogany, 5.04 Copper, 9.04 Copper, 6.4 Copper, 7.4 Copper, 8.4 Copper, 7.34 Copper, 8.43 Copper, 6.45 Bronze, 7.45 Bronze, 5.6 Cover Reds, 6.6 Cover Reds, 7.6 Cover Reds, 5.62 Reds, 7.62 Reds, 4.65 Reds, 5.65 Reds, 4.66I Pure Reds, 5.66I Pure Reds, 6.66I Pure Reds, 7.66I Pure Reds, 8.66I Pure Reds, 000SSS Booster, RB Booster, 410 Correctors, 2000 Correctors, 7000 Correctors, 5.3 Gold, 6.3 Gold, 7.3 Gold, 8.3 Gold, 9.3 Gold, 10.3 Gold, 7.31 Beige, 8.31 Beige, 9.31 Beige, 10.31 Beige, 7.13 Sand, 8.13 Sand, 9.13 Sand, 11.00 Platinum, 11.10 Platinum, 11.11 Platinum, 11.13 Platinum, 11.02 Platinum, 11.20 Platinum, 11.21 Platinum, 11.32 Platinum, OSP Platinum, .01 Harmonizer, .013 Harmonizer, .02 Harmonizer, .03 Harmonizer, 6.562 Dark Mahogany Red-Violet Blonde, 7.452 Medium Copper Mahogany Violet Blonde, 8.642 Light Red Violet-Copper Blonde, 9.442 Very Light Intense Copper-Violet Blonde, 9.423 Very Light Copper-Violet Golden Blonde, 10.342 Lightest Golden Copper-Violet Blonde