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Davroe- Tame Detangler


DAVROE Tame Detangler is a superstar product when it comes to getting rid of those pesky Tangles


  • It is a lightweight, leave-in conditioning mist that instantly removes stubborn tangles.
  • Easy to comb through hair it is perfect for children
  • The Non-greasy formula is instantly absorbed into the hair delivering immediate tangle-free hair.
  • Lemongrass controls over active oil glands on the scalp

HOW TO USE DAVROE Tame Detangler Spray to get rid of Tangles

Spray onto damp or dry hair and work through with your fingers or comb through, style as desired.

DAVROE Tame Detangler may be applied to dry hair for all, especially suitable for children to help remove those nasty tangles. It is a lightweight conditioning mist that leaves hair manageable, luxuriously soft and silky. Tame helps smooth, detangle and will condition your hair making it easier to manage.

As with all DAVROE Products we have made sure it has been infused with Natures goodness.

This leave-in conditioning detangling spray infused with Lemongrass and Jasmine extracts is formulated to be extra-gentle.

DAVROE-Ingredient-jasmine-1080x1080 DAVROE-Ingredient-lemongrass-1080x1080-1.jpg


Tame Detangler is the ultimate leave-in conditioning detangler spray.

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  • Lightweight, leave-in conditioning mist
  • Instantly detangles hair, perfect for children
  • Non-greasy
  • Lemongrass controls over active oil glands on the scalp
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