Wella – Koleston Perfect – Original & ME+


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Permanent hair colour by Wella Professionals.

Please call us if you have a preference to the original formula or the ME+ formula as we currently have a mixed range.

We’re happy to let you know which ones we have in which. 

Looking for a compatible hair colour solution?

With the wide use of hair colours nowadays there are a lot of options you can choose from. There are many risks involved such as hair fall and hair damage when it comes to colouring your hair.

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It is essential that you know about which product or specific ingredient you are looking for that match your hair type and texture. Sounds like a lot? No problem.

Global Hair & Beauty Supplies is here to help you out.

Go with Wella Koleston Perfect and colour your hair any way you want without having to worry about hair damage ever again.

Improve your hair colour or cover grey hair with Koleston Perfect. This specially formulated dye will not only restore the natural shine of your hair but will also work on improving your hair quality.

At Global Hair & Beauty Supplies, we are known to offer a tailored range of hair care and styling products at the best prices. You can explore over 100 incredible shades and pick the one that suits your personality and style.

Transform your hair using our quality hair colour products. Made from ME+ technology, Koleston Perfect significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions and provides uniform coverage. Along with the dye, you can also shop for hair shampoo and conditioners.

The colouring cream is designed for providing quick results. Ensure a smooth application and get salon-like results at home. We bring the best hair colouring supplies that are a result of unique technology.

Shop for the best Wella Koleston dye on our online store today.

Benefits of Wella Koleston Perfect:

  • Offers high-density results and layered coverage
  • Can be applied from roots to ends with no visible signs of hair damage
  • Minimal risk of hypoallergenic reactions
  • Easy to use and apply mixture
  • Available in over 100 vibrant shades
  • Antioxidant-rich formula for improved hair texture

Wella Hair Products Australia

Global Hair & Beauty Supplies is your one-stop destination to get the best and top-quality Wella Koleston in Australia.

Need extra moisturisation for your hair? Provide nourishment to your hair using our hair masks and hair treatments. With our versatile range of hair care treatments, we are sure you will be able to find just the right product for your hair.

Want natural depth and shine? Of course, you do.

All the Wella hair products in Australia are formulated to improve the quality and vibrancy of your hair colour. We assure you that no product would work better for your hair than our Kolestone Perfect permanent hair colour solutions.

For natural-looking and balanced colour results, consult with our experts.

Global Hair & Beauty Supplies is the number destination for Wella hair products in Australia. We have everything you need to maintain your hair in one single place. Our extensive hair product range includes shampoo, conditioners, beauty tools and much more.

Contact us on 0409 230 675. Our team is here to assist you round the clock.

Don’t wait. Browse our website and shop for the best hair product line today.

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Wella - Koleston Perfect Origional & ME+

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