De Lorenzo – Novasemi – Semi-Permanent Soft Colour Mousse



Novasemi Semi-Permanent Soft Colour Mousse by De Lorenzo is a natural based, gentle colouring product that contains no peroxide, ammonia or sulphates.

This product ahs been formulated with a specialised colouring system to even out colour fade, from roots to ends.

  • Will last approximately 6 to 8 washes.
  • Enriches and highlights natural hair colour.
  • Not suitable for total grey coverage, but will assist in blending grey.
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De Lorenzo Novasemi Mousse

2 Cool Black, 3 Dark Violet, 6 Chestnut Red, 6 Copper, 7 Apple Martini, 7 Mango Daiquiri, 7 Blood Orange Margarita, 7 Sugar Plum Purple, 7 Fairy Floss Pink, 8 Pink Haze