Alfaparf – Colorwear – Semi Permanent Colour



Colour Wear – Semi Permanent Colour by Alfaparf

The Natural Evolution of Tone on Tone

Vegan : Free from Ammonia, MEA, PPD, Alcohol and Silicones

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Alfaparf Colorwear

1 Cool Naturals Black, 3 Cool Naturals Dark Brown, 4 Cool Naturals Medium Brown, 5 Cool Naturals Light Brown, 6 Cool Naturals Dark Blonde, 7 Cool Naturals Medium Blonde, 8 Cool Naturals Light Blonde, 9 Cool Naturals Very Light Blonde, 5.1 Ash Light Ash Brown, 7.1 Ash Medium Ash Blonde, 8.1 Ash Light Ash Blonde, 9.1 Very Light Blonde Ash, 10.1 Ash Lightest Ash Blonde, 7.12 Ash Medium Ash Violet Blonde, 8.12 Ash Light Ash Violet Blonde, 1.11 Ash Blue Black, 7.21 Violet Medium Violet Ash Blonde, 9.21 Violet Very Light Violet Ash Blonde, 10.21 Violet Lightest Violet Ash Blonde, 9.2 Violet Very Light Violet Blonde, 9.02 Violet Very Light Violet Blonde, 10.02 Violet Lightest Violet Blonde, 5.32 Chestnut Light Violet Golden Brown, 6.32 Chestnut Dark Violet Golden Blonde, 7.32 Chestnut Medium Violet Golden Blonde, 6.35 Golden Mahogany Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde, 7.35 Golden Mahogany Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde, 5.53 Chocolate Light Mahogany Golden Brown, 6.53 Chocolate Dark Mahogany Golden Blonde, 4.52 Mahogany Medium Mahogany Violet Brown, 5.5 Mahogany Light Mahogany Brown, 6.4 Copper Dark Copper Blonde, 7.34 Copper Medium Gold Copper Blonde, 8.44 Copper Medium Red Violet Blonde, 10.42 Copper Lightest Violet Copper Blonde, 4.66I Pure Reds Medium Intense Red Brown, 5.66I Pure Reds Light Intense Red Brown, 6.66I Pure Reds Dark Intense Red Blonde, 6.3 Gold Dark Golden Blonde, 7.3 Gold Medium Golden Blonde, 9.3 Gold Very Light Golden Blonde, 8.03 Gold Light Slightly Gold Blonde, 8.31 Beige Light Golden Ash Blonde, 10.31 Beige Lightest Golden Ash Blonde, 9.13 Sand Very Light Ash Golden Blonde, 10.13 Sand Lightest Ash Golden Blonde, 9MRC Very Light Natural Blonde, Specials 0 Clear and Gloss, 6MRB Dark Natural Blonde, 8MRB Light Natural Blonde, 9MGB Very Light Natural Blonde, 10 Crystal Rose Lightest Natural Blonde, 10.324 Crystal Brown Lightest Blonde Golden Violet Copper