Silver Bullet – Limitless Volumizing Hot Brush


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When a glossy, bouncy blow-dry is too time-consuming, reach for the amazingly fast and easy Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush. The humble hot brush gets a makeover with a unique design and incredible results.

It’s as simple as brushing your way to ultra-smooth, volumised styles with added movement. Silver Bullet Limitless Volumising Hot Brush is designed with a rounded barrel and nylon bristles with increased resistance. The result? Superior grip and tension allows the hot brush to get far closer to the roots for an ultra-smooth finish, free from frizz. This is the ideal hot brush for curly, wavy and textured hair types prone to frizz. Designed for use on dry hair. Limitless frizz-free styles in mere moments!


  • Create curls, waves and straight hair with this volumising hot brush
  • Ultra-smooth finish with volume and added movement
  • Heating elements between bristles that maximize volume
  • Ceramic comb surfaces for reduced frizz
  • Nylon bristles for superior grip and tension
  • Designed for use on dry hair
  • Ideal for use on curly, wavy and textured hair prone to frizz
  • Fast heat-up to 210°C
  • 5 temperature settings for all hair types: 110°C, 160°C, 180°C, 200°C, 210°C
  • Auto 60 min shutdown
  • Memory function
  • LED display
  • Worldwide dual voltage
  • 2 year warranty
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