De Lorenzo – Nova Color



Nova Color by De Lorenzo has 4 natural balances for healthy ‘conditioned’ hair.


1. Protein: The hair itself which is made up of 97% protein.


2. Moisture: The first complimentary balance. It is the internal lubricant of the fibrous structure of the cortex.

3. Sebum (Natural Oils): The second complimentary balance. Protects the external part of the hair and skin from the elements and seals in moisture to the hair.

4. Acid Mantel = Bacterial Resistance & Closed Cuticles: Key products are acid balanced and buffered to protect and maintain the natural acid mantle of the hair and scalp.


  • No Animal Ingredients or Testing
  • De Lorenzo natural based home care products do not contain chemicals of animal origin such as ; Lanolin, Beeswax, Honey, Urea, Silk Protein etc.
  • De Lorenzo products do not contain perfumes with animal derived fixatives.
  • De Lorenzo home care products do not contain any Petroleum ingredients such as: Petroleum Jelly, Propelene, Glycol, Paraffin Oil or Paraffin Waxes.
  • De Lorenzo do not test their products on animals.
  • De Lorenzo formulate their botanical natural based products with Certified Organics, Herbs, Plants, Fruit Acids, Vitamins, Vegetable Oils and Phyto Protein Complexes. 100%
  • De Lorenzo is an internationally recognised quality endorsed company.

Australian Made

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De Lorenzo Nova Color

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